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Statement about the July 2008 incident in Seattle.

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As seen on Adbusters and Rage Against the Machine!

Critical Mass is a monthly bicycle ride to celebrate cycling and to assert cyclists' right to the road. The idea started in San Francisco in September 1992 and quickly spread to cities all over the world. This site attempts to be the most complete guide to all Critical Mass rides around the globe.

Critical Mass has a different flavor from city to city -- there's a big variety in size, respect of traffic laws (or lack thereof), interaction with motorists, and intervention by police. So if you want to know more about Critical Mass, you'll really need to find out what your local ride is like. For those who must know more right now, here's a link to Chicago CM, which I suppose is a "typical" CM ride, if there is such a thing.

Critical Mass has no leaders, and no central organization licenses rides. In every city that has a CM ride, some locals simply picked a date, time, and location for the ride and publicized it, and thus the ride was born.

CM is an idea and an event, not an organization. You can't write to "Critical Mass" -- certainly not by writing to me.

CM is intended to be a celebration, not an opportunity to cause trouble. Those who want to try to tie up traffic as much as possible and be confrontational with motorists are missing the point. We can assert our right to the road without being rude about it. Focus on the ride, not on the cars that also happen to be on the road.

Don't have a CM in your city? Then start one!

Police vs. Critical Mass:
Latest incidents

Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Riders say police used excessive force in arresting five peacful Critical Mass riders. (More: Winnipeg Sun) May 2006

Denver, CO, USA. Police confiscated riders' bikes on the Denver Critical Mass ride. Until the police start impounding people's cars for minor traffic infractions, this is just completely inappropriate -- and an obviously childish exercise of power. (More: Westword) April 2006

Spokane, WA. The police tackled cyclists and arrested almost all of them for "Disorderly Conduct". (more) Dec. 2005

New York. Cyclist victory! The police crackdown on CM for "parading without a permit" has been declared unconstitutional. (more) Jan. 2006

New York. Cyclists filed a lawsuit against NYPD, which has responded with a counterclaim. (more) Oct. 2004

More cases of Police vs. CM
New NYC CM documentary
See a trailer for the documentary about the controversial police crackdown on NYC Critical Mass coinciding with the 2004 Republican National Convention. (Or visit the filmmakers' website.
Good news from Portland
"Exciting things have been happening for Portland's CM. We've had regular meetings with the Portland Police to reach compromises and understanding on some things, and have achieved a ride with less harrassment, more bike officers and fewer in autos / motorcycles, and a much more "feel-good" ride with less tension. This has been largely the result of a few dedicated CM riders willing to go to meetings and print up flyers for riders, etc." -- Brian

Energy & Pollution

The Oil Crisis is coming. Life as we know it is about to change, forever. Believe it. (More: Guardian article, PeakOIl.com, and Life After the Oil Crash)

How much energy we use. Overconsumption of oil means that more people will die as more wars are fought over an increasingly shrinking supply. The U.S. alone uses 46% of all the gasoline used in the world. (more...)

The true cost of gas. Americans whine about the "high" price of gas while not realizing what a sweet deal they're getting.

Pollution by cars causes lung cancer, respiratory problems, urban smog, and acid rain. Greenhouse gases emitted by cars causes global warming, which is not just a concern for the future, it's happening right now. (more...)

The True Costs of Cars

Autos on Welfare. While most motorists think that their gas taxes and registration fees pay for the roads and for other related costs, the truth is that infrastructure is financed mostly by general taxes paid by everyone, which means that those who don't drive are subsidizing those who do.

Societal costs of cars & highways. Our relationship with the automobile causes pollution, noise, congestion, sprawl, big expenses, injury, and even death. The cost is greater than we realize....

The typical American family spends almost $8000 a year to own and operate a car, when you count the car payments, gas, oil, maintenance & repairs, licenses, parking, and insurance.

If you took the money you'd save by getting rid of your car and invested it you could have $2.3 million by the time you retired. (more...)

Art Ludwig shows that AAA underestimates the cost of car use. (more...)

I was born into a cult.

The Aesthetic Realism Foundation is a small psychological cult in New York city. My grandparents were members, so my mother was born into it, and so was I. Recently I created a website about the cult to get the word out. I hope you'll check it out.

We'll cry if you don't link to us.



How to Not Get
Hit by Cars

An illustrated guide for bicyclists. Might save your life.

(Visit now...)

Knowledge is Power.

Learn How to Buy a House

Canada 24 rides 

Last Contact with me


Calgary, 1998 article

Last Friday around 5:30-6:00, from Eau Clair near the YMCA

Mar '02


Last Friday @ 5:30 from City Hall. (old site)

Jun '06

British Columbia


Last Friday @ 5:30 from The Sails

Jan '06

Prince George

Last Friday @ 5:00 from Spruceland Mall (or at 4:30 p.m. from UNBC)


Last Friday, Meet 5:00-5:30, Ride 6:00, from Vancouver Art Gallery on Georgia St. side. Bike Summer 2001

Apr. '05


First Friday of JUNE (only once a year). See the local Bike Month schedule.

Jun '05


Last Friday @ 5:00 from Centennial Square. (Ride leaves University of Victoria at 4:30PM.)

Nov '03



Last Friday @ 5:00, May through October, from Central Park

May '06

New Brunswick

Saint John

Last Friday @ 5:15 from King Square

Apr '03

Newfoundland & Labrador

St. John's

Last Friday @ 6:00 from Bannerman Park

Jul '04

Nova Scotia




Mar '03


Last Friday @ 6:30 from Victoria Park Bandshell.

Apr '03


Last Friday in the summer, from Confederation Park behind the NAC at Elgin & Laurier. Various sources give 5:00, 5:15, and 5:30 as the start time, good luck. Other sites: BikeDump, Auto-Free Ottawa

Jun '06


Every Friday at 5:30pm from Confederation Park on George Street across from Peterborough City Hall


Thunder Bay

Last Friday @ noon from Lakehead University, Agora Circle.

Dec '03


Last Friday. Meet 6:00, Ride 6:30 from Spadina & Bloor. Excellent photos, May 2003, Old site: #1, #2, Clitoral Mass

Sep '05


Last Friday @ 5:00 from Waterloo Park (By the Bandshell)



Last Friday @ 5:30 from Merrit Park, across from the public library

Mar '04


Last Friday, Meet 5:30, Ride 6:00, from City Hall Square

Apr '04

Prince Edward Island


Last Friday @ 6:00 from Province House




Last Friday @ 5:30pm from Phillips Square (carre Phillips) which is in front of the Bay store on Rue St. Catherine. (article about 2004 arrests)

Jun '04



Last Friday of every month (except for winter months), meeting in front of the Cenotaph in Victoria Park, near Victoria Ave. at 5:30pm


Mexico/Central & South America 12 rides

Last contact w/me:


Mexico City | Hermosillo Sonora

Puerto Rico


Last Friday @ 6:00 from Pedro Albizu Campos Park close to Miguel Pou's Blvd.


San Juan

Last Friday @ 7:00 from TU Sagrado Corazon Station, Santurce



La Plata




Belo Horizonte

Last Friday of every month. Meet 6:00, Ride 8:00. From Praça da Estação.



Porto Alegre

Rio de Janeiro

Sao Paulo





Australia & New Zealand

Last Contact:


Australian CM Hub

Jun '01


Last Friday. Meet 17:45, Ride 18:00. Victoria Square, beside the fountain.

April '05


Jul '03


Last Friday @ 17:15 from 5:15 from Queens Park (behind the casino), Brisbane City



Hobart, Tasmania

Last Friday @ 17:15 from Franklin Square


Melbourne, St. Kilda


First Friday @ 18:00 from Civic Park

Feb. '06





Sydney, old site

Last Friday. Meet 17:30, Ride 18:00. At Hyde Park Fountain, north.

Mar '03


New Zealand


Last Friday. Meet 17:30, Ride 18:00, from Albert Park, by the fountain.



Last Friday. Meet 17:15, ride 17:30, at the Bridge of Remembrance.

Aug '03


Last Friday @ 17:30 from outside the Otago Museum, in the park

Apr. '06


Last Friday (except December) @ 12:30 from Marina carpark behind Lawson Field Theatre


Palmerston North

1st Friday @ 17:00 from the Clock Tower at the City Square

Aug. '04


Last Friday @ 17:30 at Civic Square

Feb '06



Phnom Penh

Jul '02

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Last Sunday

May '05




General Japanese site

Kobe #1, Kobe #2

First Saturday @ 15:00 @ Kobe City Hall



Last Saturday @ 15:00 @ Kyoto City Hall


Osaka #1, Osaka #2




Seoul: 3rd Saturday @ 4:00 from Gwanghwamun Ground



Taipei (old site)

Last Saturday @ 15:00. Location changes each month.

Oct '07



Every Sunday @ 7:00 AM at Tapae Gate for 2 rides around the old city. (12 km) Organized by a police officer, the ride has drawn 200-500 people for two years.

Feb '00



General Israeli site: Hebrew, English



Beer Sheva




Tel Aviv





Jul '02

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CM Fliers
Example fliers and handouts. Also, an SF group will make a custom Dinosaurs for Clean Air flier for your local ride.

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There are Critical Mass discussion lists in cities all over the world. Join one of them.

CM Book: Critical Mass, Bicycling's Defiant Celebration
Produced for the 10-year anniversary of CM in Sept. 2002, this book chronicles the birth and evolution of the ride in S.F. and elsewhere. See about the July 2003 book tour.

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Critical Mass News

  • The Critical Mass Times
    An international newsletter and clearinghouse, with links to Mass happenings around the globe.

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The Critical Mass Song   (Lyrics only.)

Critical Mass Arrests. CM made international news several times when police wrongly arrested many cyclists, on 7-25-97 in San Francisco, on 8-00 in Los Angeles, and since 2004 in NYC. (Bad arrests have happened at many other CM rides, but only these three were major media stories.) Check out websites about the San Francisco and Los Angeles incidents, or our own coverage.

Other Anti-Car sites

Auto-Saurus Commercial
Broadcast-quality ad by AdBusters.

Car Busters
International group based in Europe working towards a car-free society. They publish a hot magazine ("Car Busters") and email newsletter, and sponsor World Car-Free Day every September.

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These folks advocate for car-free cities in a well-researched and professional manner.

Car-Free City US
A group working to create a car-free city in the U.S.

(Planning a) Car-Free Day
Large, well-organized site which details how to plan a Car-Free Day in your city.

Culture Change
Documents the tremendous environmental, social and economic damage caused by endless road building. Also publishes Culture Change magazine (formerly Auto-Free Times).

Get out of the bike lane!
Posts vigilante photos of autos parked in the bike lane in Toronto, Canada.

National Park(ing) Day
Promotes the creation of temporary public parks in public parking spaces.

Less Traffic
Recommends going beyond traffic calming to reduce the number and speed of cars on the streets.

Reclaim the Streets (San Francisco, CA US)
A movement which advocates massive street parties, covertly painting bike lanes onto roadways, and other ways to subvert the car culture. Here are the RTS pages for London and Adelaide, Australia.

Right of Way (New York City)
Local group asserting cyclist and pedestrian rights over motorist prerogatives. Has stenciled over 250 street memorials to car victims and published "Killed By Automobile" report.

Transportation Alternatives (New York City)
Local group promoting alternatives to car-based transportation. This website is HOT! It's a model for other groups to emulate.

Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Publishes a number of important studies and reports, such as one explaining how cyclists actually subsidize the cost of road-building for motorists, a Pavement Buster's Guide, and much more. For activists who are ready to move beyond simply riding in Critical Mass rides and actually get something done in their communities, this site provides plenty of the ammunition they'll need.

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Our links & info are only as good as what people send to us. CM rides often die out or change times, and often nobody bothers to let us know. CM webmasters are also notorious for not updating their pages -- and often don't even list meaningful ride dates, times, and locations -- much less a "last updated" date. We can only print what we know. We're not psychic. So the ride you see listed here might be dead or changed. Sometimes we'll link to a very outdated page or a simple archived email message announcing a ride time if that's all we could dig up for that city. You can help by feeding us corrections & new sites when you know about them.

Finally, here's some hate mail we got.

Bicycle Commuting

Bicycling Life
Resources for bicycle commuters, including safety skills, strategies for biking to work, how to fix a flat tire, more.

Resources for bicycle commuters, including local & state organizations, news, products, and more.

How to Not Get Hit By Cars
An illustrated guide, with nice color pictures. Very helpful.

Other Biking Resources
More links than you can shake a kickstand at about every cycling issue imaginable, and thankfully organized into different sections.

BikeForums.net | CyclingForums.com
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For those who prefer to ride with one wheel.

Unusual Bikes: On our sister site we have a huge list of recumbent bikes (recliners), adult tricycles, cargo/workbikes, bike cars (4 wheels), trailers, pedicabs, electric scooters, and more. (see list)

Machines powered by bikes: Maya Pedal makes pedal-powered blenders, water pumps, cofee depulper, metal sharpener, washing machines, woodsaws, eectricity generators, and more. Wow!

Facilities: Check out ideas for bikeways free from cars: Bikes in the sky and an enclosed system that boosts speed with fans. Also, here are resources for planning bike facilities.

Rides: Pedaling.com
A huge, searchable list of all kinds of bike rides across the United States.

Repairs: Sheldon Brown | Park Tool | The Bicycling Site
These sites will show you how to fix your own bike.

Touring: Bicycle Universe
Tips for planning a cross-country tour. Covers training, what to pack, equipment, trip journals, and more.

Legal. When you get hit by a car, these personal injury attorneys can help: BicycleAttorney.com (Oregon), , BicycleLawyer.com, Gerry Oginski (NY), and Willie Schmerler at Scanlan, Buckle, & Young (Austin).

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