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Statement about the July 2008 incident in Seattle.

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As seen on Adbusters and Rage Against the Machine!

Critical Mass Documentaries

Critical Mass (2001, Toronto)
A documentary about Toronto bike messengers and the Toronto Critical Mass ride.

Critical Mass (2001, Austin)
We have exclusive video of a Sept. 2001 Critical Mass ride in Austin in which a motorist intentionally ran over a cyclist.

July 25th - The Secret is Out (1998, 120 min.)
Documents the police riot at the July 25, 1997 Critical Mass ride in San Francisco. (BCLU.org)

Still We Ride (2005)
Chronicles the controversial police crackdown on the NYC Critical Mass ride coinciding with the 2004 Republican National Convention. (website) (trailer, 8Mb, requires newer Quicktime)

We Aren't Blocking Traffic, We ARE Traffic! (1999, 50 min.)
We Are Traffic!  chronicles the history and development of the "Critical Mass" bicycle movement, one of the most spirited and dynamic social/political movements of the apathetic 90's.  In over 100 cities in 14 different countries,   Critical Mass has now become a monthly ritual of reclaiming the streets by bicycle activists riding en masse.

With traffic congestion, pollution, and road rage on the rise, growing numbers around the world are advocating for transportation alternatives, and Critical Mass is at the cutting edge of this mindset.

We Are Traffic! tracks this leaderless, grassroots movement from its beginnings in San Francisco in 1992 to its spread across the globe. With a radical direct-action approach the participants of Critical Mass are celebrating the bicycle and in turn taking on perhaps the century's most sacred cow: the automobile.

Presenting both the successes and failures of this unique movement We Are Traffic! shows how Critical Mass has brought together complete strangers in an exuberant, commercial-free public space filled with creativity and unpredictability. In its efforts to raise awareness Critical Mass has both inspired and challenged the public while often confounding public officials and police departments.

We Are Traffic! is a fascinating analysis of a modern politicalmovement:  Critical Mass--which challenges the very notion of what a political movement should look like and how it should function.

We Are Traffic! investigates vibrant examples of transportation-related art created and displayed in public places, focusing on the work of mural artist Rigo, whose bold traffic-sign motifs ask questions instead of give commands. Also highlighted is the work of other Critical Mass-associated artists including Jim Swanson, Beth Verdekal, and the mysterious "San Francisco Department of Public Art".

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Provocative and entertaining, this documentary presents a side of Critical Mass not seen in mainstream media and illustrates the amazing geographic spread of Critical Mass, providing glimpses of Critical Masses in Austin,TX, Eugene, OR, Chapel Hill, NC, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Copenhagen, London and Sydney.

We Are Traffic! celebrates modern grassroots politics, free expression and the potential for revitalized public spaces. (visit the producer's website)

Police vs. Critical Mass:
Latest incidents

Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Riders say police used excessive force in arresting five peacful Critical Mass riders. (More: Winnipeg Sun) May 2006

Denver, CO, USA. Police confiscated riders' bikes on the Denver Critical Mass ride. Until the police start impounding people's cars for minor traffic infractions, this is just completely inappropriate -- and an obviously childish exercise of power. (More: Westword) April 2006

Spokane, WA. The police tackled cyclists and arrested almost all of them for "Disorderly Conduct". (more) Dec. 2005

New York. Cyclist victory! The police crackdown on CM for "parading without a permit" has been declared unconstitutional. (more) Jan. 2006

New York. Cyclists filed a lawsuit against NYPD, which has responded with a counterclaim. (more) Oct. 2004

More cases of Police vs. CM
New NYC CM documentary
See a trailer for the documentary about the controversial police crackdown on NYC Critical Mass coinciding with the 2004 Republican National Convention. (Or visit the filmmakers' website.
Good news from Portland
"Exciting things have been happening for Portland's CM. We've had regular meetings with the Portland Police to reach compromises and understanding on some things, and have achieved a ride with less harrassment, more bike officers and fewer in autos / motorcycles, and a much more "feel-good" ride with less tension. This has been largely the result of a few dedicated CM riders willing to go to meetings and print up flyers for riders, etc." -- Brian

Energy & Pollution

The Oil Crisis is coming. Life as we know it is about to change, forever. Believe it. (More: Guardian article, PeakOIl.com, and Life After the Oil Crash)

How much energy we use. Overconsumption of oil means that more people will die as more wars are fought over an increasingly shrinking supply. The U.S. alone uses 46% of all the gasoline used in the world. (more...)

The true cost of gas. Americans whine about the "high" price of gas while not realizing what a sweet deal they're getting.

Pollution by cars causes lung cancer, respiratory problems, urban smog, and acid rain. Greenhouse gases emitted by cars causes global warming, which is not just a concern for the future, it's happening right now. (more...)

The True Costs of Cars

Autos on Welfare. While most motorists think that their gas taxes and registration fees pay for the roads and for other related costs, the truth is that infrastructure is financed mostly by general taxes paid by everyone, which means that those who don't drive are subsidizing those who do.

Societal costs of cars & highways. Our relationship with the automobile causes pollution, noise, congestion, sprawl, big expenses, injury, and even death. The cost is greater than we realize....

The typical American family spends almost $8000 a year to own and operate a car, when you count the car payments, gas, oil, maintenance & repairs, licenses, parking, and insurance.

If you took the money you'd save by getting rid of your car and invested it you could have $2.3 million by the time you retired. (more...)

Art Ludwig shows that AAA underestimates the cost of car use. (more...)

I was born into a cult.

The Aesthetic Realism Foundation is a small psychological cult in New York city. My grandparents were members, so my mother was born into it, and so was I. Recently I created a website about the cult to get the word out. I hope you'll check it out.

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Finally, here's some hate mail we got.

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Bicycling Life
Resources for bicycle commuters, including safety skills, strategies for biking to work, how to fix a flat tire, more.

Resources for bicycle commuters, including local & state organizations, news, products, and more.

How to Not Get Hit By Cars
An illustrated guide, with nice color pictures. Very helpful.

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Unusual Bikes: On our sister site we have a huge list of recumbent bikes (recliners), adult tricycles, cargo/workbikes, bike cars (4 wheels), trailers, pedicabs, electric scooters, and more. (see list)

Machines powered by bikes: Maya Pedal makes pedal-powered blenders, water pumps, cofee depulper, metal sharpener, washing machines, woodsaws, eectricity generators, and more. Wow!

Facilities: Check out ideas for bikeways free from cars: Bikes in the sky and an enclosed system that boosts speed with fans. Also, here are resources for planning bike facilities.

Rides: Pedaling.com
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Repairs: Sheldon Brown | Park Tool | The Bicycling Site
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Touring: Bicycle Universe
Tips for planning a cross-country tour. Covers training, what to pack, equipment, trip journals, and more.

Legal. When you get hit by a car, these personal injury attorneys can help: BicycleAttorney.com (Oregon), , BicycleLawyer.com, Gerry Oginski (NY), and Willie Schmerler at Scanlan, Buckle, & Young (Austin).

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